Update on the cell phone situation

After my cell took the watery plunge in the washing machine, I waited several days to attempt to turn it on. It popped up with the Verizon screen and promptly died, never to turn on again.

So, at the moment I do not have a cell phone and, frankly my dears, I don’t miss it.

My mom has had various cell phones over the years and let their minutes run out without renewing them. She hasn’t had a cell phone in years. She works in customer service and when she explains to her customers that she doesn’t have a cell phone they act like their hearts have been severed in twain. (Thank you Robin Hood Men in Tights for the word play)

My circumstances are a little different, though. I have Liam who has behavior problems at school occasionally due to his ASD. I have to be a connected to my phone. At the moment I’m using a service called YouMail.com, that allows me to listen to my voice mail online. I can actually read my incoming messages out of my e-mail.

I am enjoying distraction free dinners. I am enjoying distraction free shopping. I am enjoying being distraction free.

I’ve already expressed my disdain for cell phone shopping and at some point in the next week I will have to invest in a new cell because I can’t be perpetually glued to my computer while my son is at school.

Adendum: Ice Fest

The Library has a tech center down town, smack dab in the middle of Ice Fest. I’m sure that they used this as an opportunity to capitalize on the crowds to let people know that they exist. Because of the tech center’s location, it’s kinda off the beaten path. But one of the activities offered up at said tech center was a Minecraft snowball fight. I know nothing about Minecraft and my son only knows what he learned from his cousin on the way to the zoo a couple of weeks ago.

We arrive at the tech center and Liam hones in on the Minecraft lab. He wanted to play so badly and I had no clue how to play. Out of the corner of my eye, I’m discretely watching the kids around him to figure out the keys to make the darn thing go. On kid took mercy on us and showed Liam how to play. Apparently the library has their own Minecraft server and everyone in the room was on the same game.

At one point I’m trying to show Liam how to play the game from the little bit of information that I’ve gleaned from my creeping. (because you know, I could’ve just asked.) I’m playing the game and he’s watching, these kids are ruthless. They take me out ten times before I remotely get the hang of this silly game. But after some trial and error I started to get the hang of it. I nailed kid after kid with virtual snowballs and from behind me this kid started wailing to the tune of “Who is that? They just got me.” The kid next to me, grumbled loudly, “Me, too.” I’m smirking like the cat that got the canary when I overheard a mom say, “Well, it has to be someone in this room.” I turned the computer back to Liam and now my kid is hooked on Minecraft.

Ice Fest

We are lucky enough to live in a big little town. Our city managers are always looking for new and innovative ways to get the residence together and with community building activities particularly in the arts. We are known as “The City of Sculpture” or something to that effect. This weekends particular festivities was Ice Fest to the tune of seventy degree weather. We spent both Friday and Saturday enjoying what our city has to offer and the fact that it was amazingly warm for January was a bonus for us, not so much for the ice.

Basically, the city brings in these giant blocks of ice with the help of Kroger freezer trucks and sculptors take big destructive power tools and make dainty ice sculptures. In addition there were activities and, of course, food.

Friday night was the opening of Ice Fest and you’d think with the sun going down that it would be cool enough to keep the sculptures from turning into enormous puddles on the ground. The sculptures had only been up an hour, maybe two by the time we got there. Chewbacca and his laser blaster almost looked like Princess Leia because it had melted so smooth.

But the highlight of our evening, perhaps more mine than the husbands, was watching sculptors build and ginormous rocket ship out of blocks of carved ice. Even Liam, my son, sat still, mesmerized, watching them carve. it was composed of 8 blocks and 4 sheets of ice, and was well over 12 feet tall. We, Liam and I (PB was off taking picture from other angles), held our breathes when they put the nose of the rocket on top. Liam kept yelling “careful, careful.” It slid around precariously under the many hands and watchful eyes of the sculptures until it finally was in positions. Liam and I let out a collective sigh. But, that wasn’t was mad it memorable.

When the rocket was finished the carvers took mushy rolls of toilet paper that I can only assume were soaked in some sort of accelerate and positioned the rolls at the base of the rocket and set them on fire. Still not the exciting part… Watching my son jump up and down screaming “fiah, fiah…”(read that phonetically, because that’s how he pronounced it.) Hysterical and disturbing, all at the same time.

My cell phone met its watery demise.

My son, trying to help, dropped the laundry down the chute to the basement. I wasn’t paying attention and put my pants in the water. Unbeknownst to me, my phone was in the pocket, I thought I had left it on the bathroom sink.

I dropped all of the close in the washer. Mind you, I was proud of the fact that I had all of the laundry done in the house AND FOLDED for the first time in years. (except the socks. Life is too short to spend it mating socks.)

Later last night, I notice that said phone is missing. I look in all of the usual spots. (I’m a creature of habit.)  I tried to call it. Once, twice, three times I went straight to voice mail. Mommy senses started tingling. I knew where it had gone before I even looked in the washer.

Good news, I get a new phone. Bad news, I have to go phone shopping. Phone shopping is almost as stressful as bra shopping.

The power of a whisper

When I first started this sub teaching job, I was still working at the local amusement park as a zombie. I came in to my first week with no voice, literally no voice. I could only whisper. I started noticing the effect that it had on my son.

Occasionally, and I’m not proud to admit it, I’m a yeller (ok, it’s probably more like frequently). My son had learned how to tune me out and I thought that the way to get him to listen to me was to get louder. When I started loosing my voice because of the Halloween festivities, I had to whisper for fear of doing permanent damage to my vocal chords. My son started listening better. Odd, it was completely counter intuitive.


I haven’t written in a while

I haven’t written in a while and it is safe to say I’m well over due. I have, yet, another new job. I have hinted around that I work as a substitute teacher.  I picked up a long term position teaching math to 4th and 5th graders. I am not a math teacher, so I have to plan doubly hard to get ready.

So if you were wondering, no, I’m not dead and no I haven’t given up on my blog. I’ve just been busy. 🙂

Verbal Toilet

When I was in college, I once told one of my professors that my journal was my verbal toilet. My journal was a place where I could puke up all my innermost worries and thoughts. He looked at me slightly aghast, and maybe slightly appalled. (I don’t think he liked me all that well anyway, it was rumored he loved the butt kissers)

I thought the simile was apropos. When I had a buildup in of anxiety, I would throw words down on the paper as quickly as I could. It was free therapy, without being embarrassed about what other people thought. I don’t have to show other people my journal, unless of course I want to. And I certainly don’t have to write if I don’t feel like it, I’m not in school, grammar doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes the imperfections are more revealing than the actual writing.