No Rant Today

I was very close to my grandpa. I was a grandpa’s girl and held him in the highest regards. He passed away a few years back. My brother commented on how he had never really seen me cry until grandpa’s funeral.

At any rate, today as I was zipping back and forth on the lawn mower at my mom’s house (she broke two ribs, so I was helping)I noticed that the front lawn was mowed. Our neighbor across the street tends to the front because he parks his trucks and trailers in the drive so it wasn’t unusual. But the back end of the property was mowed as well curtesy of the neighbor to the left of her house. Which made me wonder if grandpa hadn’t set up some sort of pact with the neighbors because he knew the property was too much for one person to handle.

Or maybe my mom is just blessed with great neighbors. I guess I’ll never know. 🙂


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