Little Hollywood continued

I creeped on the production of “The Old Man and the Gun” every day they  filmed downtown. It really is exciting to watch them film a movie. You don’t realize how much goes into a movie until you see them filming it.

We figure it might be five minutes in the whole movie but took three days to shoot.

Now here where it gets funny, I wasn’t the only one. I met more of my neighbors in the three days that I was downtown that I have in the ten years I’ve lived here. For example: day one I met a girl named Taylor and all of sudden we were like BFFs. Not really, but by the time that they were done filming, we were calling to one another, “See ya tomorrow!” And we did, when we met back up we compared the pictures that we both had taken.

Day two: I met back up with Taylor, I also met Lisa and learned about the drug epidemic in the city and cystic fibrosis. On a side note: Lisa didn’t do the drugs, her crazy neighbors did. I also met Miss Denise on day two, she lives in the artist lofts downtown. Which I think is the coolest thing ever and when they have their art show next week, I’m going to try to buy on e of her paintings. Miss Denise rolls around town on her scooter and is so full of life. #livegoals. Oh and on day two I got this picture of Casey Affleck and myself:

casey afflec

I managed not to make a fool out of myself.


Apparently I also made the newspaper:


I’m on the right leaning up against the pillar, I look asleep, but I’m not. We were waiting out a real storm that had blown over. I was talking to the girl with big cameras, and the newpaper man snapped it at just the wrong moment.


Day three: I talked to one of the extras and asked him where costuming found those crazy mint green shoes he was wearing. He didn’t know, but agreed they were a crazy green. Then he explained to me that he had a car in the movie to which I agreed was a cool thing. And I met another gentleman who recognized me from the day before, and asked me, “Weren’t you here yesterday.” To which I replied, “Yes, yes I was.” But then I went on a field trip with my son, so I didn’t get to stay long.


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