Little Hollywood

They’re filming a movie in my town right now staring Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, and Casey Affleck. It’s exciting and has the whole town in a buzz. I went downtown this morning to watch the filming and was able to see the extras walk back and forth  behind the scenes while they were filming inside a defunct bank. I was fine with that, I’m a behind the scene kinda gal anyway.

I saw it “rain” in broad daylight.

I was yelled at for taking picture. :))

I met more of my neighbors and fellow townspeople than I have in the almost ten years I’ve lived here. I bought local pastries and coffee (which I do on a regular basis, but did it today so I didn’t look so obvious (or is that the what they mean by basic?))

I didn’t see any stars, but there’s always tomorrow. 🙂

Now back to real life.



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