I was at the cable company on my mom’s behalf the other day when I over hear the following conversation.

Old man to younger old man: I’m ninety-five years old.
Younger old man: your ninety-years old. Wow.
(I’m standing there grinning like an idiot.)…
Old man: Ninety five years old, yep.
Younger old man turns to wife or girlfriend-y thingy: He’s ninety years old.
Old man begins telling the story of how he was married to his wife for (I think he said 65, I was further back in the line.) sixty-five years. Somewhere along the lines he explains that his wife had already passed.
Younger older man: Sixty five years? So what’s the secret to a long marriage?
Old man: Trust and understanding.
And without missing a beat.
Old man: My wife didn’t trust me and I didn’t understand her.

I laughed, until I about cried.
P.S. The ninety-five year old man walked better than I do. He drove himself to the cable company and had been doing yard work the day before.


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