Update on the cell phone situation

After my cell took the watery plunge in the washing machine, I waited several days to attempt to turn it on. It popped up with the Verizon screen and promptly died, never to turn on again.

So, at the moment I do not have a cell phone and, frankly my dears, I don’t miss it.

My mom has had various cell phones over the years and let their minutes run out without renewing them. She hasn’t had a cell phone in years. She works in customer service and when she explains to her customers that she doesn’t have a cell phone they act like their hearts have been severed in twain. (Thank you Robin Hood Men in Tights for the word play)

My circumstances are a little different, though. I have Liam who has behavior problems at school occasionally due to his ASD. I have to be a connected to my phone. At the moment I’m using a service called YouMail.com, that allows me to listen to my voice mail online. I can actually read my incoming messages out of my e-mail.

I am enjoying distraction free dinners. I am enjoying distraction free shopping. I am enjoying being distraction free.

I’ve already expressed my disdain for cell phone shopping and at some point in the next week I will have to invest in a new cell because I can’t be perpetually glued to my computer while my son is at school.


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