Ice Fest

We are lucky enough to live in a big little town. Our city managers are always looking for new and innovative ways to get the residence together and with community building activities particularly in the arts. We are known as “The City of Sculpture” or something to that effect. This weekends particular festivities was Ice Fest to the tune of seventy degree weather. We spent both Friday and Saturday enjoying what our city has to offer and the fact that it was amazingly warm for January was a bonus for us, not so much for the ice.

Basically, the city brings in these giant blocks of ice with the help of Kroger freezer trucks and sculptors take big destructive power tools and make dainty ice sculptures. In addition there were activities and, of course, food.

Friday night was the opening of Ice Fest and you’d think with the sun going down that it would be cool enough to keep the sculptures from turning into enormous puddles on the ground. The sculptures had only been up an hour, maybe two by the time we got there. Chewbacca and his laser blaster almost looked like Princess Leia because it had melted so smooth.

But the highlight of our evening, perhaps more mine than the husbands, was watching sculptors build and ginormous rocket ship out of blocks of carved ice. Even Liam, my son, sat still, mesmerized, watching them carve. it was composed of 8 blocks and 4 sheets of ice, and was well over 12 feet tall. We, Liam and I (PB was off taking picture from other angles), held our breathes when they put the nose of the rocket on top. Liam kept yelling “careful, careful.” It slid around precariously under the many hands and watchful eyes of the sculptures until it finally was in positions. Liam and I let out a collective sigh. But, that wasn’t was mad it memorable.

When the rocket was finished the carvers took mushy rolls of toilet paper that I can only assume were soaked in some sort of accelerate and positioned the rolls at the base of the rocket and set them on fire. Still not the exciting part… Watching my son jump up and down screaming “fiah, fiah…”(read that phonetically, because that’s how he pronounced it.) Hysterical and disturbing, all at the same time.


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