Adendum: Ice Fest

The Library has a tech center down town, smack dab in the middle of Ice Fest. I’m sure that they used this as an opportunity to capitalize on the crowds to let people know that they exist. Because of the tech center’s location, it’s kinda off the beaten path. But one of the activities offered up at said tech center was a Minecraft snowball fight. I know nothing about Minecraft and my son only knows what he learned from his cousin on the way to the zoo a couple of weeks ago.

We arrive at the tech center and Liam hones in on the Minecraft lab. He wanted to play so badly and I had no clue how to play. Out of the corner of my eye, I’m discretely watching the kids around him to figure out the keys to make the darn thing go. On kid took mercy on us and showed Liam how to play. Apparently the library has their own Minecraft server and everyone in the room was on the same game.

At one point I’m trying to show Liam how to play the game from the little bit of information that I’ve gleaned from my creeping. (because you know, I could’ve just asked.) I’m playing the game and he’s watching, these kids are ruthless. They take me out ten times before I remotely get the hang of this silly game. But after some trial and error I started to get the hang of it. I nailed kid after kid with virtual snowballs and from behind me this kid started wailing to the tune of “Who is that? They just got me.” The kid next to me, grumbled loudly, “Me, too.” I’m smirking like the cat that got the canary when I overheard a mom say, “Well, it has to be someone in this room.” I turned the computer back to Liam and now my kid is hooked on Minecraft.


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