Thank you

I’d like to thank the high school student who put autism into perspective for me. I was subbing for a gym class yesterday and they had assemblies in the auditorium all day, so we had study hall in a lecture hall. I mention to the afore mentioned boy in passing conversation, that my son had autism. My son is five; he’s verbal, but has trouble expressing himself. The boy in the gym class was autistic, formally classified Asperger’s, as well. Had I had more time, I would have picked his brain all day long, he was brilliant! (intelligent brilliant and British brilliant ūüôā )¬† He helped me get a glimpse of what it’s like to be autistic. I will never know the full extent of what it’s like to experience ASD because I’m not autistic. I can read about the signs and symptoms until I’m blue in the face, but I will never be able to experience them. Oftentimes I feel like an outsider when L has meltdowns. I can’t always pinpoint the causes, and sometimes it takes me hours or even days to figure out what the trigger was.¬†Only after I figure it out, can I take actions to avoid them or ease him into them. The biggest piece of advice that my gym class buddy let me in on was this, “don’t treat him differently.” I agree with him, I try to treat him like the normal little boy that he is,¬†Liam is wiring is different and sometimes we have to work around that.

So in essence, thank you to the high school boy, whose name I should have figured out, for giving me a glimpse into my son’s head and for totally schooling me on what it means to have autism. And most importantly, thank you for¬†renewing my¬†hope in his future.


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