Just another day… 1.2

I blog the good, the bad, and the ugly. Friday was a good.

Liam and I was house sitting for his grandparents while they were out of town last Friday. While they were away they gave us run of the house, including the pool. I knew that the new episode Paw Patrol was going to be on TV and we don’t have cable. So Friday we went over to the grandparents house.

His grandma has EVERY toy that has ever graced her doorstep stored in a closet under the stairs. Ever toy her sons had, every toy Liam has had. So the first thing we did was to pull out the marble run. If you’ve not seen one, it’s a series of interconnecting chutes that you drop marbles down. Each chute is different, some have waterwheel like spinners on them, some of them wind, and some of them divert the marbles to a different chute. Liam can and does spend hours playing with them.

Now I want to point out, Nick Jr. lies. They get a little boy’s, who can’t tell time, hopes up and then they don’t play the scheduled show at the time it is supposed to. They said that the new Tracker episode would come on at 12:00. I had planned the day around the assumption that the new episode would come on at noon. Twelve thirty rolls around and no Paw Patrol and they’re still advertising that it comes on a noon. I figured out that the episode that he wanted to watch came on at 3:00 just before I had to leave to go to work. *sigh*

So we went up to the pool to wait for the long awaited episode. Liam thinks he can swim and actually does a pretty good job. That particular Friday we came up with bubble kisses, where he would fill his cheeks up with air and give me a kiss. I haven’t hear this boy giggle like that in a while. We laughed so hard our sides hurt, and then laughed some more.



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