I’ve been through many, many, many job interviews. To be exact, I’ve been to over thirty teacher interviews, I’ve lost track. And, I’ve been rejected over thirty times. That is to say, I don’t have a job per se. I work for a substitute teacher service and I sub when I can. My son is difficult to work a job around because of his behavioral problems and the potentiality that the school will call to come and get him. But I digress…

Yesterday I got a job. I’ve been rejected so many times, to hear an interviewer hire me was stimulating, a boost in self confidence. It was the oddest interview I’ve ever been on. I was asked to scream as loud as I could and prowl between two points.

Okay, It’s not exactly the job I was working my career towards. I will be a zombie. Not a zombie as in I’ll be tired all the time, I’ll literally be a zombie. A brain-eating, undead zombie.  But don’t ask my son about it, it scares him.

I am lucky to live in the geographic area of Ohio that I do because we have a many notable attractions and features in the area such as five dollar foot long Jesus, Kings Island Amusment Park, Miami University, Cincinnati University, and a vast array of art museums and sports statiums. I around Cincinnati, Ohio.

But as of Friday, I am the newest zombie at Kings Island Amusement park’s Halloween Haunt. I will be haunting every Friday and Saturday the end September through October.  Don’t worry, pictures and stories will follow because I’m sure there will be a few.


Five dollar foot long Jesus in the former spot of touch down Jesus. (I didn’t make up the nicknames, if you don’t believe me, Google it)


Touchdown Jesus was struck down by lighting.


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