Branson, Missouri Adventure

A few weeks ago, my mom, my son, and I went to Branson, Missouri. It’s the first vacation that I’ve had since Liam was 3 months old, and he’s five now. I just thought I’d share a few high lights from the trip. (I found my journal)

Liam is obsessed with the Sesame Street Silly Song CD. I have memorized every song on the disc and can sing them in my sleep, literally. I will be laying in bed singing Grover’s song, “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea,” in my head. Branson is about 12 hours from our house; the disc is 30 minutes long. Doing the math we could have listened to the CD 48 times int he time it took us to get to Branson and back. We didn’t, but we could have. Instead we probably listened to it 6-8 times. Here is the Elephant Elevator operator that I drew from the songs. Enjoy.

Elephant elevator orperator

Elephant Elevator Operator


Kum and Go is a real gas station and a very nice one at that. The 14 year old boy in me giggled EVERY TIME we passed a sign for Kum and Go. We even picked up loyalty cards for Kum and Go so we could say we had Kum and Go cards.

Proud parenting moment: going through Sugarland, Indiana, Liam shouted from the backseat, “Graaaaanma, are those solar panels?” My little scientist in the making!

Apparently in Missouri, “Speed limits are not suggestions” per the signs on the side of the road. We rented a Kia Sorento to save wear and tear on mom’s Nissan. This sucker was like driving a tank. We loved it and Liam loved it so much that he is saving all of his pennies to buy the “car with the backseat.” What he means by this: the Sorento had a third back seat that pulled up out of the trunk area. Thankfully we didn’t find it until we were back home because Liam would have driven us nuts bouncing from the middle seat to the back. At any rate, I was able to drive the Sorento in the Ozark Mountains. This was the first time that I’ve driven on a vacation and it was the first time I’d driven in Mountains. Because we were driving a rental, I was going to follow Missouri’s suggested speed limits of 70 miles an hour on the highway.

At one point Liam was hungry and he shouted that he wanted “King Burger.” So we made a pit stop at Burger King and he played in the play place. And The Charlie’s Chicken we stopped at for dinner in Joplin, Mo., not good.




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