Depression or Something

This has been a weeks of ups and downs. My baby started kindergarten on Monday. An hour and a half after I dropped him off I received a call from the principal. Not only was Monday his first real day of school, but his first melt down in school. (over Velcro) AND the first incident report the school had to file of the year.

Our weather has been wonky in general. It has rained almost everyday this week.

I had another job interview; I’m 97.3% certain that I didn’t get the job and it’s getting difficult to move forward.

IN general I feel gross. Call it that time, call it sinuses, call it depression, whenever you call don’t do it early in the morning because I’m sleeping in. I have felt gross for days now. When I say gross, I don’t mean I haven’t had a bath in couple of days because I took one yesterday. there’s not any particular symptoms other than I could have a headache at any moment, but not really, or not have a headache. I’m tired in general. And I’m pretty sure I’m looking at my computer screen with crossed eyes, so on that, I’m going to bed. Good Night All.


2 thoughts on “Depression or Something

  1. I figure it’s the “end-of-summer crud.” Lots of folks get that every year about this time. Blogs slow down. Folks run out of steam and need a leg up to get over the hurdles. Some go AWOL for a month or so. Don’t feel like you’re in a boat by yourself. Add to that the fact that you’re job hunting… Whoa! That can be a freakin’ nightmare. So good luck with that. Hang in there. Something will turn up. 🙂


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