No Pig’s Blood for me, Thanks

Sixteen years ago, I met a gangly, awkward, know-it-all boy. I would like to say it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t. In fact, I thought this boy was an asshole. He was the orchestra director’s son and was “second in command” of the theatre. So the boy thought he was in charge of upholding the rules and regulations on the set.

My Junior year of high school and I decided I needed some extra curricular activities to for my college application and I needed to get out of the house. Plus, I wanted to “play with the lights” in a school productions and I asked the art teacher if I could be on the crew. She talked to the orchestra director who promptly said, “Yes” because they desperately needed crew.

One of my friends, Marissa, hung out with the theatre people after school; she may have been on crew or in the orchestra, but I honestly don’t remember if she was or not. I think she had a crush on this weird, heavy set, and overly confident guy who was in the show, who happened to be the orchestra director’s other son. I hung out with her and the Victor during rehearsals.

During rehearsals for “All in the Family,” Marissa, some other crew members, and I would partake in high school antics such as exploring the boys restrooms while unsupervised. The gangly boy, which I found out later his name was Phillip, was always following us around trying to enforce the rules and one such rule was no crew on the couch on the stage. Of course you know, at every opportunity we would lounge on that damn couch and called Phillip Major Asshole behind his back. We weren’t going to listen to THE MAN.

Phillip oddly had no personally to speak of. He lacked social skills and tact. So when we were working on the play “Cinderella,” it came as a complete surprise when he asked me to go to the ball. Playing along I said, “Sure! Let’s go to the ball.” The stage was set for the ballroom scene. He countered, “No, I’m really asking you out on a date.”

At this point in my schooling, I had been asked out exactly one other time, my sophomore year. A guy, whom I absolutely cannot remember his name now, in study hall was trying to get me to go to prom with him and some friends. One of the friends even offered to let me wear her prom dress that she had from the previous year. I was sure prom would end with me standing in the middle of the dance floor wearing pig’s blood like in the movie Carrie. So I fielded his offers until prom was over.

To this day, I still don’t know why I said agreed to go out with Phillip that first time. But unlike the guy in study hall, I wasn’t afraid of being covered in pig’s blood. Despite being “Major Asshole,” I was totally smitten with him, probably because he showed interest in me. I was and am super shy, at least until you get to know me then you can’t shut me up.





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