The Window

The first of our Lucy escapades was when we purchased the window. We did another one a few months back and inevitable we bought the wrong size on the first try. It was WAY small. When I went back to Lowes to exchange the window, they didn’t have any that were comparable. In other words, I drug the original to the store to exchange it for another and came back home with the same window.

I built up the frame for the window. To watch my mom and I hoist this thing into it’s final resting place was like watching a couple of ants trying to lift a whole pastrami sandwich. It felt a little like cirque du sole, but not as graceful. I was hanging off of the ladder, one leg hooked around for support, while counter balancing the window in my arms. Mom was balancing it from the bathtub. of course you know the first six times, the damn thing didn’t fit. I’d have to make adjustments and then start the acrobatics all over again.


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